March 24, 2014

Faye Rogers - Thunder

Faye Rogers
Secret Chord Records

To call 'fate a fraud,' understandably takes some doing - especially when those doing the calling would no doubt want to be believed.  But when the erstwhile is delivered by way of such idiosyncratic, musical innocence that simply saturates this four-track EP, one indelibly knows one's on to a potentially good thing.

To be sure, this debut release by Swindon songstress, Faye Rogers, comes replete with more perspicacious promise than most.  'Beautiful Lies' for instance - wherein Rogers does indeed suggest that ''fate'' is nothing other than ''a fraud'' - hangs on the musically canonesque coat-tails of a keyboard line, that, although a tad too linear for it's own good, still manages to (somehow) home in on the listener. 

And like most of the material throughout Thunder, it's as if one is inadvertently overhearing a conversation in a crowded bus or tube train; wherein what's actually being said is as silently pronounced as a troubled after thought. As such, there's something coquettishly touching to be gleaned. 

Whether it's such weighted turns of phrase as ''All the fantasies I pinned on you'' ('Thunder'), or ''I want to own the blueprint of your soul'' ('Gathering Dust'), or the simple, delicate dexterity of her delivery; Faye Rogers most definitely warrants keeping an eye on. 

Even if only to hear her (one day) write songs, that clock in at under three minutes.

David Marx  

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